Noise has cracked the Indian smartwatch market. What’s the secret?

Noise has been making a lot of “noise” lately – sorry I had to – by offering a huge variety of smartwatches at different price points in the Indian market. It recently launched the flagship smartwatches ColorFit Pro 4 and ColorFit Pro 4 Max. And according to a recent report from IDC, Noise was ranked second in the top five wearables brands in India, registering 150 percent year-over-year growth in the first quarter of 2022 with a market share of 10.9 percent. Counterpoint Research also placed Noise at the top of the wearables list in India for its value for money, its emphasis on the Make-in-India scheme and adding relevant features to its product portfolio. The homegrown company also recently entered the smart glasses category, with Noise i1.

On this week’s episode of Gadget’s 360 podcast Orbital, host Akhil Arora and Senior Reviewer Ali Pardiwala speak with Noise co-founder Amit Khatri, who talks about the Indian smartwatch market, customer buying preferences, manufacturing process and trends.

When it comes to smartwatch trends, Khatri says that unlike Western markets where people are inclined towards health-related functions, including sleep analysis and recovery sports, people in India spend the most time on watch faces. “Indian consumers are lifestyle consumers, their average age is 27 years. They spend more time on lifestyle aspects than on health aspects (of the smartwatches).” One of the likely reasons is the ability to have a watch that changes its appearance every day if you want to.

In terms of pricing, Khatri claims that while Indian consumers are value conscious, price is not always the factor to sell a product in the market. They know the right price to buy. He says Noise’s constant communication with consumers gives it an edge in understanding where the market is going and making products accordingly. “As a brand, we continue to work on the components in a way that is right for the price,” said Khatri.

Regarding manufacturing in India, Khatri says that about 20-25 percent of a Noise smartwatch is currently made in India. Currently, the components come from countries such as China, Vietnam and the US. He says Noise wants to make its wearables entirely in India, but that could take some time due to the lack of resources. He also mentioned the ‘newly incubated’ Noise Labs, which aim to bring innovation.

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